Survivor Samoa SPOILER – Episode 15 FINALE – “This Game Ain't Over”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Which castaway wins one million dollars... Is there a clean sweep of jury votes? Can Brett win immunity for a thrid time in a row? Find it all out right here!


- Posted By: Brian Haug -

1st Immunity Challenge: This comp is designed as an obstacle course that includes: a net, balance beams, and bag(s) with puzzle pieces. Which would only mean that the castaways have to put their puzzle together first to win immunity! From what I have seen, Brett wins his third straight immunity challenge!!!

1st Tribal Council: From the video shown by CBS, "Jaison's breaking point," Jaison must have dug his own grave by saying again that he wants to quit. So, the remaining castaways make it easy on themselves and just vote out Jaison!  Turns out that he really didn't say he wanted to quit but Russell decided that he was the one that should go instead of Mick so they voted out Jaison!

2nd Immunity: It's yet again a favorite end of the season challenge involving endurance! A quote from Russell is "Let's see if a 21-year-old can outdo me when it comes to pain." I am not sure of the winner but I know it isn't Brett... Turns out that Russell won the last immunity challenge to seal his fait of being in the final three! 

2nd Tribal Council: All I know is that Brett is voted out here!  Since Brett was the biggest threat to be on the jury Russell, Natalie, and Mick all ended up voting for Brett!

Back to LA: The final three are: Natalie, Russell H, and Mick. I have also heard that Russell H. and Natalie are final two but I am not sure how Mick leaves...

If it is just Natalie and Russell as it seems than the following info would apply. At ponderosa, which is where all of the jury stays, the voted out castaways started to compare stories and figured out how Russell was playing them all. This causes them to gang up on Russell and no one votes for him to win the game! Also, not sure if Russell says this but he is of course mad about this and thinks that everyone should have respected his game and make him the winner! At any rate, with that being said I believe that Natalie gets a clean sweep of jury votes and is the Survivor: Samoa season 19 SOLE SURVIVOR!

Also, Jeff Probst said the following statement about Russell H. before the season started, "He could easily make it to the finals, but can he get the jury vote?"

NATALIE WON THE TITLE OF SOLE SURVIVOR AND THE MILLION DOLLAR CHECK!  She wouldn't even give up the title of sole survivor with a bribe of $10,000 from Russell!  HAHA

What are your thoughts? 

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