Survivor Samoa Episode 14 – Review of “Two Brains Are Better Than One”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Shambo reviles how long she has had her hair style… Find out how Russell continued to dominate the game! Can he really win immunity again?

In Episode 13 of Survivor Samoa, Monica was the target and voted out! 

Interesting short events that took place:
Brett used religion to try and build a relationship with Natalie.
Shambo said that she has had her hairstyle since 1986. (That’s the year I was born!)

The reward challenge was designed by intersecting ropes holding up coconuts. There were 3 teams of 3 and each teams castaways took turns pulling out ropes and the first team to let 100 of the coconuts fall lost reward! The reward was a much needed visit to a local village for a feast and comfortable bedding! The captains chosen by random draw were Russell and Natalie who then had to chose their teammates. Natalie chose Brett, Russell chose Jaison, Natalie chose Mick, and that left Shambo for Russell. Shambo went first and dropped 4 coconuts, then Mick went and dropped only 2. With prayer, Natalie, Brett, and Mick felt that they would do better in the challenge… Then, Jaison dropped 7, Natalie dropped 1, to make it 11-3. Russell droped 8, Brett dropped 1, Shambo then dropped 10, Mick dropped 19, Jaison dropped 48, then with the guess of 58 by Shambo for Natalie, Natalie dropped 58! The score then was 81-77. Russell, the luckiest man ever, when no one thought it was possible to pull a rope without dropping any coconut he did it!!! Then, with a drop of 23 by Brett making his team go over 100, Jaison, Russell and Shambo won the reward!!!

With a little curiosity of why Natalie chose Brett and Mick to be on her team, Russell still knew that she was on his side. However, Jaison wasn’t sure about her actions, which allowed Russell to try and make the plan to get rid of Brett (or Mick). Natalie isn’t sure about who her true alliance is with, Russell or Brett…

It then was time for the immunity challenge. The challenge involved counting the number of items in each of the six stations, then using those numbers in a combination. Mick was the first person to think that he get all the numbers, then Jaison, then Russell, and then Brett. If any of the numbers were wrong than the combination wouldn’t work… Jaison tried to finish and found out one of his numbers were wrong, Mick tried to finish and was also wrong, then Brett finished and his was correct and BRETT WON IMMUNITY AGAIN!

Since Brett won immunity and the initial plan of voting him out came to a complete halt! Russell suggested to get rid of Mick, but Jaison said he would rather get rid of Shambo. (Russell agreed) When Shambo started walking toward them talking Jaison split which made Shambo rightfully nervous!

Even though Russell agreed and began to trash talk Shambo to Mick, he realized that Shambo is the least threatening person left!

As normal Jeff asked if anyone has the immunity idol around their neck and would like to play it because now is the time to do so… Russell replied with “I’ll keep it for a souvenir, not that anyone is voting for me anyway.”   

With a vote of 4 (4 shown, I believe 5 were cast) Shambo was voted off of Survivor Samoa!!!

What are your thoughts? 

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