Survivor Samoa Episode 13 – Review of “Damage Control” – Double Tribal! Bold Move!

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Two immunity challenges, two tribal councils, but only one master manipulator! Find out what Russell did in this episode to be called the master manipulator!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

In Episode 12 Russell decided that John was the biggest threat and was able to get his way yet again to get rid of him! Shambo, just as blindsided as John, was comforted by a lie from Russell stating that John wanted to get rid of her so he had to.

According to Monica and Brett they believe that Russell and Mick are the biggest threats due to their strong game play. Un addition, Jaison wants to make sure that everyone knows that his gameplay is his responsibility, he has been making the decisions and Russell has been the bulldog. 

For another twist in the season, this episode will not have a reward challenge, but two immunity challenges. The first immunity will be a Survivor bowling tournament! Each castaway was randomly matched up against another person and they got two shots to knock down the pins just like regular bowling. In order: Natalie vs. Shambo, Shambo advances; Brett vs. Russell, Russell advances; Jaison vs. Monica, Jaison advances; Mick vs. Dave, Dave advances; Shambo vs. Russell, Shambo advances; Jaison vs. Dave, Jaison advances; FINAL Shambo vs. Jaison, Jaison WINS! Jaison won the first immunity!

The initial plan was to get rid of Dave. However, Monica suggested to get rid of Shambo, pointing out that the majority of the jury is from Galu, even though Shambo wasn’t a to tight with Galu. At tribal the vote came up to 1 vote Shambo and 5 votes Dave. Shambo got her wish and Dave is the first person voted out in the double tribal episode! (Foa Foa is now up in numbers)

Brett was mentioned by Russell as a huge target in the game because of how much everyone likes him. At tribal Russell made it very clear that his concern is getting rid of people that he can’t beat which included Mick which has put Mick on the edge!

For the second immunity challenge, the castaways had to race into the water, retrieve bags, and race back. Then, they had to put the bad on a plank and catapult them into a basket in the air. First person to get all three bags in the basket wins! Bringing up the rear right off the bat was Natalie and Brett was the first to score. Then to score was: Mick, Russell, and Shambo. Then, Brett, then Mick, then Russell were first to score their second bags. Monica remained scoreless! In a battle between Mick and Brett, Brett was the first to score his third bag! Brett won immunity!!!

Brett immediately went to Monica to help build a plan to get rid of Russell. They tried to talk to Mick into it but he wasn’t to fond of the idea… The only way to make things work is if Natalie or Shambo would flip to their side.

When Monica reviled to Russell that Jaison is just waiting for the idol to be out of play to get rid of Russell he went on the war path! (Jaison also let everyone know he is a multimillionaire!) When Jaison was confronted he played stupid…

 For the bold move that we were all waiting for was when Russell pulled out his hidden immunity idol before the conversations even started at tribal and put it around his neck. WoW! I think he is quite arrogant if you ask me! But great at the game of Survivor!

With a vote of 2 Russell and 4 Monica, Monica is the next voted out of Survivor Samoa! I believe it was Brett and Monica that voted for Russell!

What are your thoughts? 

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