Survivor Samoa Episode 12 - Review of "Off With Their Heads” – ANOTHER Blindside!

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

For a third time in a row at tribal we have another blindside! Russell H. is still running the show picking of anyone that knows to much… The idol is a powerful piece of the game of Survivor!!!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

What is better than a Survivor auction to start out the episode! Jeff informed the castaways that they could not share their $500 or share the items purchased at the auction. The first item was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Natalie bought it with a bid of $200 right of the bat! The second item remained covered and was bought by Shambo for $240 after a bidding war, and all it got her was a plate of sea noodles (Survivor style spaghetti)! (She gobbled them right up though!) The third item also remained covered and was bought by Monica for $340, and this got her a whole roasted chicken! The fourth item was very important because it would give someone an advantage in the next immunity challenge! Jaison decided after some others bid that he would claim it for himself by bidding the max $500 so no one else could compete and win it! The fifth item was a burger and fries which was bought by Mick for $500 to take it for himself without other bidding allowed! The sixth item up for bid was a clue to the already found immunity idol by Russell H., was won by John. The seventh item was a shower purchased by Natalie for $120. The eighth item, last but not least is a slice of apple pie, purchased by John for $300. John was given the option to trade the slice for a whole pie to give to the other castaways but he wouldn’t get a slice of the whole pie. Not thinking about the past seasons, John kept the slice for himself without sharing and put a huge target on his back! That was the END of the Survivor auction!

Since John got the (worthless) hidden immunity idol clue he started searching.

The 3 chickens won by Dave are starting to turn into lunch, and it upset Shambo so much that she will no longer listen to anyone else. She even wouldn’t allow anyone else to help cook the chicken… She had to do it her way! Shambo, was so mad at Dave because he tried to tell her how to cook the chicken… So, Sham had this dream that Dave was voted out…

The immunity challenge was a competition based on a rope attached to a log that weighed more than them! Every 3 minutes, they had to switch hands and move one knot lower on the rope, which increased the tension and weight. Last one holding on to the rope WINS! The advantage that Jaison bought at the auction allowed him to move his hand up 2 knots at any point during the challenge, which he used at 9 minutes in! At 21 minutes in Shambo fell and so did Russell H.! Then everyone had to move down to right under the last knot except for Jaison 2 knots up the rope. Next out was Monica, then John, then Brett, then Dave, then Mick, then Natalie, and finally Dave, which made Jaison the individual immunity WINNER!

John then confronted Russell about being sure that he has yet again the hidden immunity idol. (John knew where the idol should have been from the clue he bought from the auction and it wasn’t there.) So, as Russell has done all season, it has prompted Russell to put a target on John’s back! Russell quickly went to Dave to tell him he is in danger and he should vote out John. Then, he went to Mick and Mick said that he also would pick John to go next if he had a choice. However, Jaison joined in and said that if they vote out John, Shambo is going to flip on them just like she did to Galu. 

At tribal, Shambo was shocked when people especially Russell said that he was thinking strategically. She thought that voting out Dave was in the bag!

Little did Sham know that with 6 votes John was voted OUT! 

What are your thoughts? 

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