Survivor Samoa Episode 10 - Review of "The Day of Reckoning” – Russell finds the THIRD idol!!!

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

The old Galu tribe has crumbled! Russell H. is dominating! This episode and season has been full of suspense! Russell H. found the 3rd hidden immunity idol this time with a clue!!!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

In Survivor: Samoa Episode 9 the 9 castaways voted for Russell but they didn’t count because he played the hidden immunity idol, so Kelly was voted off the island!

After tribal last week Dave was impressed on the move, and Shambo was laughing uncontrollably about the look on Laura’s face when the idol was played!

Shambo already thinking about the next tribal doesn’t want a 5-5 tie. She wants it to be a 6-4 vote to get rid of Laura her enemy. Her solution was to confront John and ask for his vote but he didn’t give her an answer… He just said that he wouldn’t sell her out and tell everyone that she flipped.

For the challenge, the tribe divided into two teams of five. One person had to lie face down in a cradle, while the other four people had to use ropes to maneuver them to grap 15 colored flags in order. The reward was to board a plane and fly to the island of Savai’i. The yellow team was Shambo, Jaison, Monica, Mick, and John who was in the cradle. The purple team was Dave, Brett, Laura, Russell, and Natalie was in the cradle for them.   Purple took the lead first and didn’t look back! The purple team won reward!  (Russell can’t wait for the hidden immunity idol clue at the reward!)

Jaison from the old Foa Foa once back at camp with the yellow reward team decided to go to Monica to find one more person to be on their side. Monica wanted to know the other person to flip but Jaison wouldn’t tell her anyone’s name (Shambo). Monica wanted to vote out John but Jaison knew that Shambo wouldn’t budge, even though he did think this option made sense as well…

At reward, the clue to the third hidden immunity idol was given as a video and text. Then, of course, as soon as the winning castaways get back to camp Russell and many others head out to find the hidden immunity idol. Jaison was looking with Russell while Dave and Laura tried to follow them. However, Russell lost everyone and found the THIRD immunity idol! The surprising part is he actually didn’t tell anyone that I saw!

Monica went to Laura to tell her that she doesn’t trust Shambo or John, since she now knows the info from Jaison…

The immunity challenge was broken into two different parts. The first being to break as many tiles as possible by throwing rocks at them… For each tile they brook, they earned a spear to shoot at a target and whoever got closest would win individual immunity. The castaways were only given one shot… Shambo missed! Russell missed! Jasion got a spear! John missed! Monica missed! Dave broke one of Monica’s tiles though which gave her a spear! Natalie missed! Mick got a spear! Brett got 2 spears and Laura missed which caused Shambo to laugh uncontrollably again since Laura was out of the challenge already! (I really don’t like her)

In the second part of the immunity challenge, Brett had 2 spears, and Jaison, Mick, and Monica had 1 spear. Jaison hit the target to set the mark to beat. Jaison missed it completely. Monica hit the target but not as close as Jaison. Mick got his spear closer than Jaison to take the lead! Then, Brett shot his last spear and didn’t get any closer so Mick won immunity!

As soon as the challenge was over, Shambo went to Brett to inform him that there was no more Galu and she is voting for Laura… Brett was I think sad to hear that…

Laura and Dave are heading up try and vote out Russell! John however wanted to get out Natalie, since she should have the idol if common sense is correct. John has no faith in his tribe any longer I believe…

Monica decided to talk to Foa Foa and make the suggestion to vote out John. Russell knew that Shambo was going to vote for Laura, no matter what. Russell then decided to tell John that his tribe is after him, however Brett already told him that the plan is to cast 4 votes for him. So, what does John do? He went to Russell… They decided that they would force a tie but instead of drawing for rocks John would switch his vote to Laura if needed in the second round to keep votes off his back.

At tribal, Shambo made it clear that the old Galu tribe was dead the moment Erik was voted out, however Laura felt that the tribe was still strong.

The first round of votes cast were 5 for Laura and 5 for Natalie forcing a second round of votes without Laura and Natalie voting.

Then, since John followed thru and flopped, there were 5 votes casted for Laura voting her out of the game! 

Now the old tribe numbers are 4 to 4 but since Shambo has flopped it is more like Foa Foa 5 and Galu 3! At the merge it was 8 Galu and 4 Foa Foa! O how time can change everything!

What are your thoughts? 

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