Survivor Samoa Episode 9 - Review of "Tastes Like Chicken” – Russell + Hidden Immunity

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

The tribe eats rat for dinner! Russell finds the re-hidden immunity idol without a clue!!! Russell plays it right away at tribal! I have to say this episode has left me speechless…

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

In Episode 8 of Survivor: Samoa the newly merged tribe flipped on Erik and voted him out!

At the beginning of the show Russell no longer had an idol because he played it at tribal during Episode 8. 

When Natalie was out and about she killed a rat for the tribe to have dinner! They cooked it up and they said it wasn’t bad… “Tastes like chicken!”

For the reward challenge, they divided into two teams of five and had to race to collect poles threaded with white and black coconuts. They had to arrange them so that the coconuts would form a 4 digit number. A blindfolded tribe member then had to find the same number by rotating numbers like a padlock. The winning team won a trip to a rockside for lunch. Since the merged tribe is at 11 (an odd number) someone had to sit out which was Natalie. Natalie had to pick a team to support, and if she picked the winning tribe she would get to go on reward and if not, than back to camp with the losers. The teams were: Jaison, Laura, Brett, Mick, and Russell (yellow) vs. Shambo, Kelly, Dave, John, and Monica (purple). Natalie chose the yellow team that contained three old Foa Foa tribe members. Kelly and John started off with a lead, but Jaison and Russell reversed that to give the yellow team the lead. John and Kelly then erase that lead to tie things up. Russell and Jaison retook the lead, as Shambo drug the team behind. The yellow team was the first to start the puzzle, but the purple team was the first to solve theirs. They passed it on to Monica to solve it while blindfolded using only her fingers. Yellow also got theirs solved and passes it off to Laura. Monica solved it first, and purple won reward. Since Natalie chose the wrong team she will be joining the losers back at camp.

Since the purple team won the challenge they also got a clue to the re-hidden immunity idol…

Will on the reward the purple team decided to strategize…  Kelly said that she wanted to take out Russell because of his strategic moves.  Shambo however, didn’t want him to go!

Russell with his driven personality decided that he would find the re-hidden immunity idol AGAIN without a clue!  He said that he didn’t plan on telling anyone if he found it…  Well what do you know…  HE FINDS IT AGAIN WITHOUT A CLUE!  Amazing!

One problem with Russell though is that he can’t keep a secret!  He decided to tell Shambo since she has realigned herself with the old Foa Foa.  Their plan became to let Galu vote for Russell, play the idol and have all of the old Foa Foa members vote for Laura to get rid of her.

At the immunity idol challenge only one necklace was up for grabs. The castaways had to use a grappling hood to retrieve two bags containing puzzle pegs. The first three to retrieve their bags would move on to the final round, where they would place pegs on a board. First person to get all the pegs in the right spots would win individual immunity! Shambo got the first bag. Mick and Kelly then got their first bags. Brett followed quickly. Mick was the first person to get both bags. Jaison got his first bag, and then so does Laura. Russell did too. Shambo was the second person to qualify for the final round. Russell and Laura were in a very close race to get their final bag, and Laura won it to move on. Laura, Mick, and Shambo competed in the puzzle portion of the challenge. For Laura, opening the bags seemed to be the hardest part of the challenge. Shambo got a bunch of pieces in and took the lead. It’s not long, however, before Laura started to run away with the challenge, as the others for some reason seem quite stumped. Laura WON immunity!

That messed up Russell and Shambo’s plan to get rid of Laura! So, Shambo said that they should get rid of Kelly since she is close to Laura and Russell agreed! Russell told Jaison that he has the idol, which Jaison shared with the rest of the tribe. 

When out for a walk, Russell thought he over heard a group of castaways talking about getting rid of Natalie, so he wasn’t sure if he wanted to play the idol… 

At tribal, Jeff asked if there was a weakness in Galu since they got rid of their old tribe member Erik. (The first member of the jury) Dave jumped right in and said that the tribe was weakened from within by the presence of Erik and Kelly called Erik a snake!

After they all vote, Russell played yet again his hidden immunity idol and Dave was AMAZED!

Since the 7 votes for Russell did not count, the 4 votes for Kelly were however in play and were enough to vote her out this episode!

Jeff said that he idol will be re-hidden yet AGAIN!

What are your thoughts? 

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I can’t believe that Russell found the idol AGAIN without a clue! Shambo is defiantly playing the game very well to still be in the game! I am surprised that she isn’t gone yet! I wan’t Russell to go but with the way things are going I am not sure if he will leave any time soon! Someone else really playing a great game is Laura!   Will Russell, Mick, and Natalie make it to the final 3 I have heard predicted?

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