Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 9 - "Tastes Like Chicken”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 9 "Tastes Like Chicken" SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place. Has Russell been caught?

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Reward Challenge: Not sure what the challenge is but I believe that Kelly either wins or is brought along to the reward. The reward appears to be a trip to Papase’es Sliding Rock.

 Immunity Challenge: It appears that this challenge is just like what has formerly been called “Snag, Drag, & Bag” in Survivor: Tocantins. If everything goes as it did then, the castaways will use grappling hooks to collect three bags. The first three to get their bags, then move on to the next stage, where they will move a ball though a tilting table maze. 

From the promo Jeff yells: “Laura…Russell…it’s a race!”

So with all the spotlight on Russell in the promo’s, I have to go with Russell winning the immunity challenge!

Hidden Immunity Idol: Now that both idols are out of play, in theory one or more will be re-hidden. Currently, I do not have the set up or castaways searching…

Tribal Council: Last week the other targets were: Monica, Jaison, and Laura.

For the old Foa Foa tribe to vote out another Galu member, they need to get Shambo and someone else to gain the numbers. Russell worked on Laura and Monica but they didn’t budge, however John may be in an alliance with Russell from what was shown last week. If Russell gets his way he would want to get rid of Laura but it depends on if everyone else wants to get rid of Monica…

If Galu stays strong and votes out a Foa Foa member it would appear to be Jaison, however from the preview Russell may have overstayed his welcome.  

Final verdict… Laura is the selected castaway to be voted out this week!

The Finale Date is scheduled for: December 20th

What are your thoughts? Has Russell been caught?

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