Survivor Samoa Episode 8 - Review of "All Hell Breaks Loose” – Blindside!

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

The tribes merge! After the merge Russell H. thought of himself as the king! One castaway can’t keep his mouth shut which gets him voted out!

- Posted by: Brian Haug -

In Survivor Samoa Episode 7, Foa Foa went to tribal yet again and voted out Liz. 

Some interesting thoughts:
Jaison admitted that Foa Foa has lost confidence in the tribe’s ability to win challenges.
Foa Foa was hoping for a merge to give them hope on getting further in the game.
After the merge Russell H. thinks of himself as the king! HAHA

When Laura returned to camp after visiting Foa Foa, her canteen was missing… She confronted Shambo, and Sham denied having done anything with it. Erik commented that: “Shambo being crazy is an established fact, so anybody fighting with her is just making themselves look bad.”

After both tribes received their tree mail and met at the beach without Jeff, they found a chest with new buffs, a tarp, and paint! They finally merge! The note said that they would live at the old Galu beach.

The new tribe had to decide on a new name and decided on "Aiga", which is said to mean “extended family” in Samoan.

Russell decided to start trying to play his idol within the tribe to gain power. His first approach being Laura by showing her the idol… He promised her that he would hand her the idol if they both make the top 7… Laura being intelligent, knew then that the only way to get rid of Russell was a blindside. Russell’s goal and guidelines to do so with the idol, was to have Laura get her tribe to vote one of the old Galu members out at the first tribal council. She didn’t agree so he threatened her and moved on…

Next on the list…  Failing with persuading Laura to lead him to power, he targeted Monica to offer the deal to. He told her that nobody else knows he has it and if he know’s she is on the chopping block she can have it. She agreed…

Then, Russell H. went to John and showed him the idol telling him that Laura is his first target. He said that since Shambo hates Laura, she should be an easy vote against Laura. 

The immunity challenge is tee ball. There are divisions created as point levels and where the ball lands it is given a point value. They have one shot and the ball with the highest point value wins immunity. A man and a women will both win individual immunity!

Dave hit the ball first and scored 3. Jaison hit it out of the course. Russell took the lead at 4 points. Brett hit it out of the course. Mick scored 2 points. Erik hit it out of the course. John scored 5 points and won the guys individual immunity!

Natalie hit the ball first for the women and wasn’t even close. Monica scored 2. Kelly scored 3 points to take her to the lead. Shambo hit it out of the course. Laura scored 4 points and won the women’s individual immunity!

Poor Russell’s plans to vote out Laura went right out the window! HAHA So his new target became Monica…

Laura told Erik that Russell has the hidden immunity idol since he showed it to her. So, Erik decided to also tell John, Dave, Brett, and Jaison to make them not want to trust Russell any longer. However, John still wants to get rid of Monica, and Dave is suspicious of his plan.

Jaison did not like Erik’s bold moves like he is in control of the game telling them who to vote for. So his idea is to go along with the plan but vote for Erik… If all 4 of the guys (John, Dave, Brett, and Jaison) vote for him that would be enough…

Natalie then went to Laura testing the waters to see if she would vote the same way. Kelly also heard that Erik is targeting women. The entire tribes ends up on board to vote out Erik… Even though everything derived from John, Erik got blamed.

At tribal council, Erik couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He said: “I can’t see any way in which Foa Foa has a prayer or offers anything.”

When the votes are ready to be read by Probst, Russell H. decided to play his hidden immunity idol. The funny part was that no one even voted for him! HAHA

The plan came true and with 7 out of the 10 votes, Erik was blindsided and voted out of the game! (2 votes were cast for Jaison)


What are your thoughts? 

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