Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 8 - "All Hell Breaks Loose”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 8 "All Hell Breaks Loose" SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place. TRIBES MERGE!

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- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Tribes Merge!

Reward Challenge:
  The set-up for the merge appears to be a faux-challenge treemail, sending the tribes to a crate on the beach and inside are new buffs, and a message telling them they've merged. It is currently unknown which camp they choose, although since Galu's now has a tarp and two personal tree holes, which would seem to be a selling point.

Update: New tribe name is "Aiga."

Immunity Challenge:  
The castaways face off in a battle for the blessings of the idol necklace! The immunity challenge takes place two days after the merge, and it's called "Nut Cracker." It appears to be an excellently-timed World Series-themed challenge. It resembles Skee-Ball with a baseball bat. The castaways will get points for various distances from the tee, and ten points for hitting it into the net.

It currently isn’t clear yet which castaways wins…

Update: John won immunity and there must be a co-winner beacause Laura has an immunity necklace as well!

Immunity Idol:  Immunity idols are in the possession of Erik from Galu and Russell H from Foa Foa. 

Tribal Council: 
From the title and previews of this episode, it appears that Galu takes the opportunity to Timbira (also known as "slaying the dragon"). From the preview, John and Erik are wanting to vote out Monica, Shambo wants to vote out Laura, Laura wants to vote out Shambo, and Kelly is targeting Erik.

From what I have seen but currently still unsure, it appears that Erik had the most votes to be voted out this episode… However, he does have the idol and I am unsure if he is smart enough to play it or stupid enough to get blindsided… Return for more information throughout the week if it becomes available!

Update: From the looks of things the new tribe has decided on Erik this week to vote out!  It appreas that this decision came from Erik's lecture he tried to give Jaison, Mick and Natalie about how they should vote.   Should be interesting!

The Finale Date is scheduled for: December 20th

 What are your thoughts?

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