Survivor Samoa Episode 7 - Review of "Houdini Magic” - Shambo’s the Galu leader!

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Dave is afraid of the Galu men’s alliance with Shambo making her the leader… Russell and Laura make final 2 deal with Natalie a planed 3rd…

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In Survivor: Samoa Episode 6, after being informed that both tribes would return to tribal council, Russell S. collapsed during the challenge and was evacuated for medical reasons. Due to Russell’s evacuation, the tribes met at tribal council but no one was voted out.

Some interesting thoughts:
Dave is afraid of the Galu men’s alliance with Shambo because “she is to dim to share info with.”
Foa Foa thinks that they actually have a chance to overpower Galu… (What planet are they on?)
Russell and Laura make final 2 deal with Natalie a planed 3rd… (Natalie I think wins season…)

The men at Galu decided that they wanted to make Shambo the leader of their tribe and built an alliance with her. The plan is to keep her until the final 5 and then dump her. So, they decided to play Shambo’s ego and vote for her in the tribes meeting, to elect the new leader. Their plan worked and Shambo became the new leader of Galu. When this took place Monica realized she is on the chopping block.

The challenge is all about the castaways memories but with a twist. The leader of each tribe can decide to keep the item uncovered, but they would have to forfeit the point made. The reward is lunch on a sailboat. Sitting out for Galu: Dave, Kelly, and Shambo. Since Shambo is the leader and sitting out, she appointed Erik to make the decisions for the tribe. However, Dave jumped in and said Brett should, and Shambo agreed. Laura was the first to score for Galu, matching the fire starting kits. Brett choose to keep the starting kit and forfeited the point. Brett took the lead 1-0 for Galu declining the mosquito net. John then took the lead 2-0 for Galu. Russell made it 2-1. Laura made it 3-1. Then time fast forwarded and it became 5-3 Galu. Then 6-3. With 3 items left, all Galu needed was one more match. Natalie from Foa Foa made it 6-4. Monica scored the final point to win reward for Galu. Shambo then made her first decision as leader, and sent Laura  to the other tribe and made her miss the reward. Galu won reward!

Laura doesn’t think Shambo likes her, and she wasn’t shy about letting Russell know that she’s not surprised she was the one sent to Foa Foa.  Russell had an offer for Laura... That they should make a final two deal…  Neither of them seemed to be fully onboard, but the opportunity is out there.  Then to top off, Russell told Laura that she shouldn’t bother looking the hidden immunity idol because Ben found it and hid it somewhere in the camp. LIER!

For the immunity challenge, both tribes paddled out to get puzzle pieces shaped like fish, and only two members of each tribe could catch them from their boat.  Sitting out for Galu this time is: John, Monica, and Laura. Foa Foa said that they think the leadership necklace is bad luck so they left it back at camp. Foa Foa had another early lead due to their height advantage. Foa Foa was the first tribe to the second station. They had a 5-2 lead before Dave started struggling with the fishing task which caused their lead to dwindle to 5-4 as they struggled even more to get the final piece, but they were still the first tribe to head back to the beach. Both tribes ended up back at the beach at roughly the same time. Liz, Jaison, and Mick worked on the puzzle for Foa Foa; Dave, Brett, and Kelly did it for Galu. Galu solved the puzzle first! Galu won immunity.

Russell blamed Jaison for the immunity challenge loss. Not only was he dragging in the water, but he gave up on the puzzle and just stared at it! 

Jeff didn’t make the situation any better than it really was, Foa Foa sucks. Foa Foa’s challenge record is 1-8-1, which Jeff said is one of the worst overall performances of any tribe ever. Tribe members are down to 4 Foa Foa and 8 Galu!

Jeff called Jaison out on having his head down most of the time during tribal council. Jaison said that he knows he screwed up at the puzzle, which would be a reason to get rid of him…

Liz was voted out with a vote of 3 to 1! (Jaison had 1 vote)

What are your thoughts? 

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