Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 7 - "Houdini Magic”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 7 "Houdini Magic" SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place. Includes possible Season WINNER…

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- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Shambo is elected the new leader of Galu! This is the last episode before the merge!

Reward Challenge:
It is currently unclear if the reward and immunity challenges are combined or separated. Due to Russell Swans medical evacuation, it has caused timing issues of fitting everything in.  

It appears that the challenge played is a basic set-up of concentration. There are tables with items that are concealed with pyramid shaped covers. Since Laura is missing from the promo, it appears that Galu WON and Shambo sent Laura to Foa Foa as part of this seasons twist!

Immunity Challenge: This challenge is called “Canoe Dueling.” The challenge appears to involve racing out to canoes, doing some "fishing" (presumably for puzzle pieces), then bringing it all back to shore and doing puzzles.  

Galu wins!

Immunity Idol: Now that both immunity idols have been found, it is unknown if the clues will continue to be aired. Immunity idols are in the possession of Erik from Galu and Russell H from Foa Foa. 

From the CBS promo it is unfortunate that I can’t tell for sure which tribe won the challenge to allow the winning tribe to send over one of their castaways, but I would have to guess it was Galu that won. What I do know is that either Russell H. visited Galu or Laura visited Foa Foa and during the visit Russell H. made a final two deal with Laura. (hmmm… She isn’t blonde…)   

Tribal Council: I believe this will be the finale vote before the tribes merge at 12. 

Galu: Before Ep 6, Shambo would have been on the chopping block but during Ep 6 she had an alliance form in her favor with the men. So now, if Galu returns to tribal, Monica is highest on the chopping block. 

Foa Foa: If Foa Foa returns to tribal there are two possible prospects for the vote out:

Liz – Russell’s initial target back in Ep2 before he decided he had “bigger fish to fry” and was the “decoy boot in Ep5

Jaison – close to quitting in Ep5 and admitted he trained in US polo team making him a target for being too strong

However, Liz is this weeks boot!

NEWSFLASH: I have seen for the first time that the expected Survivor Samoa (19th Season) winner is Natalie… We shall see if that is true together because I have no idea if that is correct…

The Finale Date is scheduled for: December 20th

 What are your thoughts?

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