Survivor Samoa Episode 6 - Review of "This Is A Man Test" - Russell S. Evacuated!

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

It has rained in for 5 days straight from day 10 to day 15... Russell H. sees it as the castaways are a bunch of babies over the rain and need to grow up… Russell Swan collapsed and was evacuated by medical… No one was voted out at tribal!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

In Survivor: Samoa Episode 5, Foa Foa lost immunity and voted out the believed “weakest player” Ashley.

Some interesting thoughts:
It has rained in Samoa for 5 days in straight from day 10 to day 15.
Russell H. sees it as the castaways are a bunch of babies over the rain and need to grow up.

At Galu, John blames Russell S for the tribe being cold and wet. Russell had the choice of comfort over function shown in Episode 3. The tribe believes that Russell is doing to much around camp… Even though they are thankful, they fear that his hard work is both unnecessary and will run him down.   

With the rain running the tribes down, everyone was trying to stay dry and keep a strong position in the game. When the rain finally stops and the tribes wake up on day 15, they see a rainbow. Kind of lifted their spirits…

At the challenge, one person from each tribe was strapped in a large ball, and that person had to guide the two blindfolded tribemates through the course to the table maze. The person inside the sphere, once to the table, then guided the rest of their blindfolded tribemates to navigate balls through a table maze. The reward for this challenge was pizza, but there was a twist... Win or lose, both tribes have to go to tribal council and the winning tribe would be allowed to sit in at the losing tribe’s tribal council.

Monica, Kelly, Shambo, and Dave sit out for Galu. Liz was in the ball pushed by Russell H and Jaison; and Laura was in the ball pushed by Russell S and Erik. Galu was off to an early lead but Foa Foa managed to take the lead. Foa Foa was the first tribe to the table maze and get started. Russell S from Galu had said before the challenge started that he was exahsted but felt he should compete since he is the leader, even though he knew he was week. When he made it to the table maze, he laid his head down on it and collapsed. Medical ran right in to check on him and Jeff told the competing castaways to freeze! Russell came to and said that he was ok but when he tried to sit up he collapsed again! The medical team said that his blood pressure was really low. (Even lower than already evacuated Mike’s)
Jeff made a call right there that neither tribe would win reward under the circumstances and announced that both tribes would still go to tribal. The tribes were told to return to camp and if Russell could remain in the game he would return as well. Russell did come to and while lying down his blood pressure was fine. However, when medical tried to sit him up before, his heart rate had dropped 30 beats in an instant so they decide to remove him from the game.
Back at Foa Foa, Liz and Natalie assumed it would one of them voted out. They knew it won’t be one of the guys.  Russell H of course wanted Liz to go, so he talked with Mick about voting with him.
Back at Galu, Shambo was proven to be the outcast. She has said that she likes the other tribe better, which means that she will more than likely change sides after the merge. Her defense was that she is a hard worker and a competitor. (She did start the fire the first 7/8 days at camp) Monica was bitter toward Shambo just because she wrote her name down when the tribe went to tribal council. The guys, especially John, considered voting out Monica because she is the weakest person in the challenges not considering her relationship with the other tribe.
All 13 remaining castaways went to tribal council together, where they mainly focused on Russell’s medical evacuation and the miserable weather. All while the rain picked up again… After all the discussion, Jeff told them that there would be no one voted off from either tribe. Then, the discussion lead to Foa Foa and Galu castaways bickering about who “won” at the challenge and who was leading the game.
What are your thoughts? 

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