Survivor Samoa Episode 5 - Review of "Walking on Thin Ice"

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Ashley knew that due to not finishing her gross smoothie she was on the chopping block… As Erik warned Galu, the choice of comfort over function would haunt them… Jaison (Foa Foa) says “things aren’t looking good any more.”

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

In Survivor: Samoa Episode 4, Galu finally lost an immunity challenge and Yasmin was the first voted out of Galu.

Some interesting thoughts:
- Ashley knew that due to not finishing her gross smoothie she was on the chopping block, even though Natalie tried to tell her she is on her side.
- As Erik warned Galu, the choice of comfort over the function meant that without the tarp all the blankets would get wet and useless… (Smart man…)
- Jaison said “things aren’t looking good any more.” (for Foa Foa) Duh? 

After receiving tree mail, the castaways find out that they will have to “keep it down” in a gross food challenge. At Foa Foa, Liz said that she was worried about Ashley, which caused Russell H. to start turning on her. When the tribes make it to the reward site they find out the reward is succulent steaks and much more food to BBQ! To win, each tribe has to get the gross smoothie down! Since Galu has 3 extra members: Kelly, Laura, and John sit out. Shambo and Jaison got giant clam mixed with Jeff’s choice of octopus, sea snails, and noni juice. Shambo got it down first and Jaison followed but with a struggle. Next is a battle between both Russell’s! They got the jelly fish special mixed with milk. Russell S easily got his down, and Russell H followed by chugging the remaining mix. Brett and Mick got giant clams and sea cucumbers with milk. Both of those guys finished without a problem. Monica and Liz got sea urchin, which didn’t pose any problem for these castaways to easily get down. Last is Ashley and Dave. They got sea slug guts, which Jeff suggested may be the worst thing out there, “nice and chunky.” As Liz feared Ashley couldn’t finish with caused yet another reward challenge win for Galu. Russell S. as the leader for Galu chose Shambo to return to camp with Foa Foa. Shambo did not believe that this was a fair decision and asked for him to “spread the love,” which Russell declined. Shambo wanted to reward!

Before Galu started digging into their meal, Russell decided to explain why he sent Shambo over to Foa Foa. He said that since she lost the chicken, this should clean her slate. So then Russell tried to start the fire to cook the winning feast. Russell S. was not having any luck starting the fire and Dave believed that he could start it but refused to, unless Russell asks him to. Eventually Russell S. gave in and asked Dave to start the fire even though he didn’t want to.

When Shambo arrived at the Foa Foa camp with the other castaways she asked for a big group hug… (and got one) Shambo decided to share the hidden immunity idol clues with their entire Foa Foa tribe. Liz said that she believes that either Ben (voted out) or Russell have the idol from their camp. So, she confronted Russell and as you could have predicted, he denied it. Russell H. has targeted anyone that confronts him and now Liz is his next target.

When Shambo returned to Galu at the immunity challenge, she was not welcomed back with open arms. The only acknowledgment was from Erik, but in their defense, everybody was barely functioning. They were all shivering…

For the immunity challenge, one man and one woman from each tribe held onto a rope connected to a net while members of the other tribe shot coconuts into their net. Last net help up wins. Galu sat out Dave, Shambo, and Brett. Liz and Russell held the net for Foa Foa, and Russell and Laura held for Galu.  Galu had a lead on Foa Foa right away as usual. As Jeff pointed out Ashley from Foa Foa didn’t make a single shot in the first half of the challenge! Russell H was the first to drop his net, which allowed all Galu’s coconuts to pile in Liz’s net. Liz put up a good battle but couldn’t do it. Galu won immunity.

Trying to figure out who to vote out at tribal, Russell posed the question: “does anybody want to go home?” Of course no one “wants” to go home even though it has been raining for 2 days. Due to the rain it caused little to no strategizing for the tribe mates. 
At tribal council, Russell said that he trusts everyone on the Foa Foa tribe. So, Ashley of course agreed and said that she trusts Natalie and Russell the most. Then, Liz followed the others and said that she also trusted “pretty much everyone.”

By a vote of 4 to 1, Ashley is voted OUT!

What are your thoughts? 

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