Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 5 - "Walking on Thin Ice"

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get an up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 5 "Walking on Thin Ice" SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place.

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It isn't verified but it has been said that Russell S. may be removed by medical but the reason is unknown.  The castaways have been hit with one of the worst storms ever in survivor history.  (However, next season will have an even worse storm...  Next season is also filmed in Samoa and there were still castaways there for the tsunami that just took place a couple weeks ago...)


Reward Challenge:  The gross food challenge returns! Castaways get to choose between blending up (at least) jellyfish, octopus, sea slug guts, and “Jeff’s choice.” MMM… Smoothies… Drink up!

Who Wins?  In the promo, it appears that Shambo arrives to the Immunity Challenge with Foa Foa...  So, that would mean Galu won and sent Shambo to Foa Foa's camp...

Immunity Challenge: For this challenge both tribes have two nets a piece, that are hanging from ropes. Each tribe throws as many coconuts as possible into the opposing nets, while the two designated rope holders (Laura and Russell S. for Galu, Liz and Russell H. for Foa Foa) pull on the ropes to keep the nets from touching the ground. Everyone competing other than the hope holders is throwing the coconuts. 

Sitting out for Galu: Brett, Dave, and Shambo

I believe that Galu wins!

Hidden Immunity Idols: Now that both immunity idols have been found, it is unknown if the clues will continue to be aired. Immunity idols are in the possession of Erik from Galu and Russell H from Foa Foa. 

It appears in the promo that Galu won the Reward Challenge and Russell S. selected Shambo to return to Foa Foa’s camp. If she receives another clue it will be pointless…

Tribal Council: From what I have seen, it appears that Foa Foa is most likely to be heading back, yet again, to tribal council. Who is on the chopping block? I would have to say: Jaison, Liz, but most likely is Ashley. (Unless Russell S. is removed by medical as predicted and no one is voted out in Ep. 5) 

Jaison – One of Russell H’s targets after Ben, considered quitting, and said in Ep. 4 “Coming on this show was the worst decision he’s made in his life.”
Liz – Arguing with Russell H, complaining about rain, and struggling during challenge.
Ashley – Russell H’s first choice target in last tribal, not doing anything at camp, but shown positively in previews…

It is also said that Russell H. is scrabling to keep his power...

If I am correct and Foa Foa does go to tribal, I have to go with Ashley being voted out. However, once again if Russell S. from Galu is removed by medical in episode 5, it is questionable if anyone will be “voted out.” 

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