Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 4 - "Hungry for a Win"

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get an up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 4 "Hungry for a Win" SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place.

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This is the only info that I have so far for the SPOILER of Episode 4 - "Hungry for a Win".  I will update this link throughout the week!

Who’s Hungry?:  From what I have seen in the promo’s for this episode, the “hungry” tribe is Galu… (Even though  you would think it would be Foa Foa)  

Luxury Challenge:  In the CBS promo Russell, Mick and Natalie are shown, and Mick appears to be tossing small coconuts. If you remember the Tocantins season this challenge resembles the tile-smashing "Rock Block" challenge.  Shown competing for Galu: Erik & Russell S. and Foa Foa: Mick, Russell H., and Natalie. (Others are certain to be competing as well)

The reward appears to be one or more chickens as shown in the CBS promo, it appears that Erik is clotheslined by a vine while running around camp chasing a chicken.

Which means that Galu won!

"We've sent... treemail to each chief to choose two people to send on a special mission." Says John Kirohoffer. From Foa Foa: Mick chose Natalie and Russell H., and from Galu: Russell S. chose Erik and one other unknown person. The “special mission” appears to be at the beach where there are a bunch of colored balls in a box. They throw those balls to a flag about 10 paces away… Who ever gets theirs the closest wins 3 chickens!

Immunity Challenge: This challenge is called “Well Stacked.” The layout of this challenge appears to go as follows: Both tribes have to run over a twisting course, on top of nets, to collect square blocks. They bring these back across the nets, then must stack them. Once the blocks are all stacked and all tribe mates are back to the mat, they win! 
Galu chooses to sit out Dave, Shambo, Russell S. and one unknown… (Monica?)

It is unsure but I believe that Foa Foa pulls out a WIN!

Hidden Immunity Idol: Based on what has taken place in the past episodes, a similar set-up should happen this week.  The winning immunity challenge tribe will get to send someone to the other tribes camp (Yasmin and Shambo to Foa Foa) to observe camp life, look for the hidden immunity idol, and sit in on tribal council (at least until the voting starts).   However, since the challenge setup is back to 2, the traditional exile may come back into play…

Russell H. has already found the idol on the Foa Foa camp. There is still an idol at Galu’s camp!

Tribal Council:  As long as this doesn’t end up being a double elimination episode, I believe that Galu is headed to tribal council. The castaways that are on the chopping block appear to be John, Yasmin and Russell S.

Update: Russell S. does not appear to leave this week though because it looks like in the upcoming episode 6 “Roll With It” challenge he is injured (collapses of dehydration).

I believe, Yasmin is voted out this week!  

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