Survivor Samoa Episode 3 - Review of "It's Called A Russell Seed"

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Russell H thinks his team is crazy and that nobody else is playing the game... Shambo thinks her tribe (Galu) acts like they’re like 90210...

Posted By: Brian Haug

Foa Foa lost two people in Episode 2. First, Mike after he overexerted himself at the challenge (removed by medical) and then, Betsy who was voted out because Russell H knew she was on to him.

Some interesting things during Episode 3:

Jaison thought Ben was the next to go... (He was correct)
Russell H thinks his team is crazy and that nobody else is playing the game.
At Galu, the castaways took time for yoga and relaxation. (Shambo didn’t join in)
Shambo thinks her tribe (Galu) acts like they’re like 90210.

Ben didn’t think that his tribe knew anything… He has such a big ego that he thinks the tribe will die if he’s voted out. He told the girls not to bother even trying to use the flint to start the fire because they wouldn’t be able to do it. Regardless of Ben’s actions, Russell H didn’t want to get rid of him because of his contribution at challenges and work at camp. Russell wanted to get rid of Ashley because now “she’s gunning for him,” and he told Ben his plan. So, Ben went to Ashley and asked if this was true. She said that it was, asked who he heard it from, and he said not from Russell.

For the challenge, the object of the game was to go into the water, make their way through the battle zone, retrieve crates, and stack those crates so there are no repeating colors on any side. Foa Foa had to sit out 1 member from the challenge who was: Russell H. Galu had to sit out 4 castaways: Shambo, Yasmin, Erik, and Brent. Galu took the lead right off the bat and were the first back to the beach with all 4 crates. However, Foa Foa caught up at the puzzle and they even thought that they had solved but were incorrect.  Galu however, did get the puzzle correct immediately following and won.

Russell S as the leader for Galu had to choose between comfort (pillows/blankets) or function (tarp) for the reward.  He decided that he wanted to provide for the women and chose comfort, which Erik was not happy about. In addition to this choice, he had to choose a member to spend time at Foa Foa camp and chose Shambo. 

Shambo used her time to be nice and build relationships on the other side in case of a merge.  She was well liked by the Foa Foa tribe and even proceeded to tell them that she can’t relate to her own tribe. As part of her stay at Foa Foa she received the second clue to the hidden immunity idol, which has already been found by Russell H.

Jaison had an ultimatum for Foa Foa… (Even though he didn’t plan to act on it) Either Ben goes home, or he goes home!

Mick’s wasn’t sure which side he should go on…  He’s loyal to Jaison, but Russell and Liz want to get rid of Ashley…

At tribal council, Jaison had the suggestion of trading Ben for Shambo… Russell disagreed with this statement and claimed that Jaison’s hatred of Ben was one thing, but the fact that he thought some of Ben’s comments have been racial, was ludicrous.  

Ben was voted out of Survivor Samoa with 4 votes, which was against Russell’s plan (for the first time) to vote out Ashley. (Votes – 4 Ben and 1 Ashley)

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