Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 3 - "It's Called A Russell Seed"

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get an up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 3 "It's Called A Russell Seed" SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place.

Posted By: Brian Haug

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This is the only info that I have so far for the SPOILER of Episode 3 - "It's Called A Russell Seed". 

Reward Challenge Info: Each tribe has four crates tethered in the water. They're brought back to shore, presumably to make a puzzle - there are structures on the beach that the colored panels on the crates probably slide into. But to make things interesting, there are also people waiting in the shallow water, trying to prevent the opposing tribe's people from getting out to the crates. 

- Known castaways competing for each tribe -
Foa Foa: Jaison, Mick, Natalie (crates), Liz, Ashley and Ben (tackler).
Galu: Dave, John, Monica and Laura (crates), along with Kelly and Russell S (tackler).

From TV Guide, "During the reward challenge, the chief of one tribe makes a controversial decision that lands him in hot water back at camp."   Then, when Jeff Probst had an interview with Dalton Ross: : "Do you want comfort and pillows, things like that, or do you want a tarp? And it plays out. Very interesting who they pick, very interesting what happens to the leaders, and just the whole notion of whether a leader can survive in this game, coming into it with that target on their back."

From what I can tell Russell S. “the chief” of Galu chose what appears to be bedding instead of the tarp.

So unless there is a twist, Galu won the Reward Challenge.

Immunity Challenge Info: Unfortunately, the promo’s released by CBS do not show any hints as to this challenge. A couple of the challenges that we know will take place this season are: rolling giant wicker balls, rolling balls through a tilting maze table, or it could be something new/just unknown.

The Reward & Immunity Challenge: This combined challenge was won by Galu! 

Hidden Immunity Idol Info: 
Based on what has started from Episode 2, a similar set-up should happen this week. The winning tribe of the Immunity Challenge will get to send someone from their tribe to the other tribe's camp (Like: Yasmin to Foa Foa) to observe camp life, look for the hidden immunity idol, and sit in on tribal council (at least up until the vote starts). Since Russell H has already found the idol at Foa Foa’s camp, the only castaway that could get a useful clue to another idol is Foa Foa. Galu’s clue would only lead a castaway to an idol location already discovered at Foa Foa’s camp.

UPDATE: Shambo was the Galu castaway that was sent to Foa Foa's camp after the challenge!

Tribal Council Info:

"Russell H's mind games continue... Jaison recruits an army to fight him." "Jaison attempts to gather support to oppose Russell, who struggles to maintain power at Foa Foa." Jaison has Mick, Natalie and possibly Ashley on board. 

It makes no sense for Jaison to target Russell because Russell showed him that he has the immunity idol. As everyone knows a blindside is always a possibility but that means no one could leak the plan to Russell which seems unlikely. The better option would be to take out his ally, Ben “the outlaw.”

It is not certain that Foa Foa returns to tribal but CBS has released the following statement…  "Russell struggles to maintain his control as the tribe turns on one of his allies"

I believe that if Foa Foa returns to tribal council Ben is the most likely to be voted out of the game. However, I have 2 other possibilities if Ben slides through: Liz or Natalie. 

UPDATE: Ben was voted out of Survivor Samoa!

More if details emerge.

What are your thoughts? 

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