Survivor Samoa Episode 2 - Review of “Taking Candy From a Baby”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Complete Review of Survivor Samoa Episode 2. Russell H for some reason decided that even though he had no clue’s he would search and find the hidden immunity idol…

 During Episode 1, Marisa was voted off after she was targeted by Russell H. for “crossing him.”

Some interesting things during Episode 2:
Betsy and Russell have agreed that they don’t trust each other. Good!
Yasmin said that she hates the outdoors. What show are you on?
Jaison was amazed that Russell H acted so aggressive at tribal council. Uh, Duh!
Ben, even after tribal, believes he can still win the game! Yea, right!

Russell H for some reason decided that even though he had no clue’s he would search and find the hidden immunity idol… He started to search in the middle of the day right in front of all the other castaways… Then, miraculously he found the hidden idol on the Foa Foa camp! (I was not happy!) Great job hiding job hiding! Even though Russell had planned on not telling anyone, he immediately told Jaison. However, he said he will never let Jaison use it!

The challenge was a battle to retrieve three balls and pass them to three other tribe mates, who then attempted to shoot them into the opposing basket. This challenge was for all or nothing including: immunity, reward (fishing gear), and the twist. Monica sat out for Galu.  Liz scored the first point for Foa Foa. The women got rougher than the men were and are warned about choking and aggressive hits to the head. John scored for Galu to tie it.  Jeff Probst warned the castaways that they’re right on the line of getting ugly and anything resembling a cheap shot would result in getting eliminated. With a kick to Russell S’ knee, Ben was the first ever in Survivor history to be eliminated from a challenge. Due to Ben’s actions Foa Foa was too outnumbered and not to competitive. Erik scored for Galu to take the lead 2-1 and then Laura scored to win immunity for Galu.

The twist announced by Jeff involved the leader. Russell S, leader of Galu, had to select one person from his own tribe to accompany Foa Foa back to camp. Yasmin was chosen and given the item to open in private, which was a clue to the discovered immunity idol location that she didn’t even try to search for.
After the challenge, Mike had to be looked at by the medical team. It didn’t turn out that the challenge caused his problem though… Rather, it was just the physical activity. He had very low blood pressure and it kept dropping. The medical team had no choice but to remove him from the game, leaving the Foa Foa tribe with 8 members and tribal council just around the corner.
At the Galu camp, Shambo decided that she would try out her fishing talents with the new spear won in the challenge. It apparently was not! She did not catch anything and broke the mask that was won in the challenge! 

When Yasmin visited Foa Foa, she insulted them to no end! She said that she is there to help them because she doesn’t want her tribe (Galu) to have a cakewalk. She also said that she it was like her tribe Galu is “taking candy from a baby!” Are you kidding me?!?!  She even did a condescending speech to the entire Foa Foa tribe and spoke to Ben in “private.” However, she yelled at Ben that he “tackled her like a dude,” so loud that everyone heard her anyway!

When Foa Foa went to tribal council, Betsy was the only one to bring her bag, and sure enough was the castaway voted off. She warned the tribe that they need to open up their eyes... Will they listen? (Votes – 5 Betsy and 1 Ben)

Any thoughts?

- Brian Haug

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