Survivor Samoa SPOILER - Episode 2 - Who gets tossed from the challenge? Who is the first chosen to visit the other tribes camp after the challenge?

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Get an up to date Survivor Samoa Episode 2 SPOILER info on the reward challenge, immunity challenge, hidden immunity idol, tribal council, and other events that take place.

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This is a SPOILER without all the info and as I find out more, I will update this link!

It appears that the second reward and immunity challenge are combined! The immunity idol is visible next to Probst at the challenge, and behind Betsy and Liz, there is a basket containing flippers and other swimming/fishing supplies (the reward). 

As the structure of this challenge, from what I have seen, it is described as a “version of schmergenball.”  It appears as though there are six people per tribe on the court at once: three in the dirt, fighting over balls, which they must toss to their three shooters, who are standing on a platform behind the playing pit. The shooter than has to make it into a basket sitting across the court, in front of the opposing tribe's platform. Both tribes also have three subs, and it looks like people rotate between the bench, shooting, and wrestling in the middle. The extra person from Galu sitting out from this challenge is Monica. As the challenge progresses, people begin sitting down on the benches when they're rotated out.

It has been shown that there is an issue of someone (unknown at this time) getting tossed by Jeff from the challenge. My guess is that it is one of the hotheads shown in the lead up to the first Immunity Challenge (Ben or Erik). But that is still not for certain either.

UPDATE: It has been figured out!  Ben is the one that gets tossed from the challenge!!!

So, Who wins?  Yasmin has been shown in the Foa Foa camp, which would make me think that Foa Foa won and picked Yasmin to join them in camp.  However, that is not the case!!! 

UPDATE: In a new promo, Shannon is shown carrying the reward equipment! So, even though it’s Yasmin that got taken to Foa Foa camp, Galu must have won that equipment in the RC/IC. Which means the losing tribe must get to choose a castaway from the winning tribe to join them back at camp!

Again, with no exile this season, there are clues to hidden idols in the other camp, and Probst mentions people getting "selected" to go to the other camp. But by breaking down released video, Yasmin has been shown talking to Ben, in front of the Foa Foa camp's flag… So, that would seem to answer the obvious question of "who is it first?"

What does it mean that Yasmin gets to go to Foa Foa camp?  Presumably she'll get a clue to a location of one of the hidden immunity idols. Whether she also gets to miss tribal council remains to be seen.

aybe this doesn’t mean anything but… Russell has found something new to steal/hide (the flint?) because he appears to be hiding something in a pile of rocks from the promo. If he did not steal something, it could be related to an idol clue… OR even the idol but that seems a bit early…

There is CBS released video of an Episode 3challenge, in which Ashley, Monica and Kelly are visible. So those people should all be safe in Ep2.

NEW INFO: Since it appears now appears that Foa Foa makes the tribal council visit this week, some of my new picks are: Natalie, Betsy, Mike, or Liz.  To be specific...  I believe that Liz is going to be voted out tonight!

UPDATE: Mike was evacuated due to medical issues and Betsy was voted out of the game!

Any thoughts or things I have missed?

-Brian Haug

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