Survivor Samoa Recap of the Premiere “The Puppet Master”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Galu (Purple): Brett, Dave, Erik, John, Kelly, Laura, Monica, Russell S, Shannon (Shambo), Yasmin

Foa Foa (Yellow): Ashley, Ben, Betsy, Elizabeth, Jaison, Marisa, Mick, Mike, Natalie, Russell H

The castaways first decision was to elect tribe leaders, despite the fact that they haven’t said anything to anyone yet.  Galu gave Russell S the leadership position with 5 votes (Shambo received 3) and Foa Foa gave Mick the leadership position with 4 votes (Jaison received 3 votes).

After elected, the leaders had to make the decisions of will participate in the opening challenge!  For best swimmer: Mick from Foa Foa picked Jaison (who played water polo) and Russell from Galu picked John. For the strongest person: Russell H and Erik were chosen. For the most agile: Marisa and Yasmin (wearing high heals) were chosen and for the smartest : Elizabeth and Shambo are chosen.

The swimmer swam out to get a key, the strong person freed up bundles of logs to bring back to the mat,  the most agile person crossed a balance beam, and the smart person solved a puzzle.  The first tribe to have the puzzle solved wins the reward of fire/flint. Jaison proved to be a strong swimmer as he took the lead. Russell moved the first bundle of logs easily, but struggled with the other. Erik appeared to have narrowed the gap...  Shambo came close to pulling the come from behind victory, but ultimately Foa Foa won the reward challenge.

Russell H said that he didn’t get on Survivor to work… He came to play!  His plan is to have a secret alliance with each one of the dumb girls, as well as the not so dumb older lady, Betsy, who already doesn’t trust him because of his quick approach.

Unlike Foa Foa, where Mick is happy to let Ben take charge, Russell S would like to continue his leadership role when they get to camp.  However John kept talking, so getting him under control may be Russell’s biggest challenge. Shambo, who was close to being the leader but not quite and she doesn’t appreciate Russell’s leadership style. She wants him to whip everyone into shape.
Russell H told this tribe at camp that he was a fireman that lived in New Orleans during Katrina and was trapped by the water with his German Shephard… This was all a lie to get their sympathy! Then, of all things, he empted all the water out the canteens and burnt Jaison’s sock in the fire!  Which is all part of his strategy of making everybody miserable. When the tribe discovered what happened he, of course, didn’t revel his actions but had a huge smirk on his face.

For the immunity challenge, six members of each tribe raced while carrying three coils of rope. They used that rope to pull a heavy crate to the finish platform, where the four remaining members disassembled the crate and to solve a puzzle. Galu was off to a sizeable lead but Yasmin slowed the tribe down on the second platform… With Russell’s strength, Foa Foa was able to close the gap some on the crate… Howeve, Galu ultimately won immunity, which sealed the fait of Foa Foa going to tribal council.
Marisa told Russell, who is overplaying the game, that she does not like that he’s talking to everybody else individually when he’s supposedly in an alliance with her. Russell took offence to this and decided that Marisa has to go first.
When asked at tribal council who the weakest link is, Betsy openly acknowledged that it’s Ashley. When Marisa was given the same question, she dodged it, so Ben made it as if it was a bad thing. After Russell berated her, she apologized that if she did anything to put a mark on her back when she supposedly targeted him, she was sorry.

When Jeff read the votes of 7 to 3, Marisa was voted out. Russell has now proved that he really is in charge, but he’s playing a stupidly aggressive game that I believe will bite him in the butt. (Ashley votes were from: Betsy, Marisa, and Mick)

I believe Russell is not going to last long even though he seems to be running the show at this point. With no exile island and stealing a member of the other tribe not being reveled yet to the castaways the future episodes are sure to be interesting!

Let me know what you think of the premiere!

-Brian Haug

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