Survivor Samoa SPOILERS - What twists are taking place this season?

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

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The below information was the SPOILER for the Premiere of Survivor Samoa.  Please click on the above links for the most current episode/spoiler.  Thanks!

After putting together numerous unverified quotes this is what I have come up with for the PREMIERE!

“The 19th edition of the series begins with 20 castaways being stranded on the South Pacific island nation of Samoa. They are immediately divided into two tribes: Galu and Foa Foa. Without speaking to each other, the tribe members select a chief who will make all of their decisions. At tribal council, the first person is voted out of the game.

"The big twist we have this season is we force each tribe to choose a leader." ... "This season for the open, we really wanted to kick-start it with something. So they get off the boats, and right away pick a leader, based only on first impressions. So they each pick a leader. And now, right away, based on nothing, pick four people to run this challenge. And to make it further difficult, we're going to label them. Pick who you thinks’ the strongest, pick who you thinks’ the best swimmer, who's the most agile, and who's the smartest." – Jeff Probst

Immunity idol info: “We have two hidden immunity idols, but they have their own set of clues, and you can only find the one that's for your tribe, they can only find the one that's for their tribe. The problem is, they're hidden at the other tribe's camp. So you have to get selected to go over there, and then you have to find it, underneath their eyes." – Jeff Probst

Exile Island info: "There is no Exile Island this season, simply because, you know, we felt like, 'We've done that... enough.'" - Jeff Probst

The possible tribes are:
(Yellow) Foa Foa – (Seen in Yellow Buff: Betsy, Ashley, Ben, Marisa, Natalie) - (Presumably from pics: Elizabeth, Russell H, Jaison, Ashley, Mick)
(Purple) Galu – (Seen in Purple Buff: Russell S, Dave, Laura, Monica, Kelly) - (Presumably from pics: Brett, Kelly, Erik, Yasmin, John)

The reward challenge: For the First reward challenge it seams that there are 4 stages of 1 tribe member for each stage: retrieve the keys from the water (best swimmer), hauling bundles of logs (strongest), the old over-under (most agile), and puzzle (smartest). From the looks of everything it appears that Foa Foa or yellow tribe won the first reward challenge.

The immunity challenge: "This challenge is called 'Yank Your Hank', and a 'hank' is a measurement of rope. Um, six players from the tribe will carry three coils of rope over three increasingly tall, increasingly steep A-frame walls. Then they race to the platform, pulling the crate up onto the platform. And once they're there, they sit down, and the puzzle-solvers - four puzzle-solvers - will go over, untie the crate, and then use the planks of the crate itself as the puzzle." - Jeff Probst - From what it appears the Galu tribe wins immunity and chooses a castaway from the other tribe to join them back at camp.

Another twist: "Now. Shut up and listen carefully to what I'm about to say. There is one, very small, secret loophole that exists, that can help you bypass tribal council. All you do....” – Jeff Probst

The selected possibilities for getting their torch snuffed at tribal are: Mike – The oldest male player, Betsy – The oldest female player, or even Liz.

UPDATE - Marisa was the first one voted out of Survivor: Samoa!

This is going to be an interesting season! I am sure that the twists are going to make this a great season and from what I have seen in the previews it will be a roller coaster!

What are your thoughts?  What do you think of the previews of Russell?  What would you like to see take place this season?

- Brian Haug

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