Big Brother 11 Finale Spoilers - Will It Be Natalie, Jordan or Kevin? And Will Chima Show Up?

By: Dave Johnson
By: Dave Johnson

So much drama over the last several days on Big Brother 11!  I was so happy to see Jordan pull out the big win against Natalie in the HOH Roll The Ball competition.  She had many excuses for her loss which was funny.  And I hope you picked up on it...Natalie is now DONE!  At least if Kevin goes through with his plan to get rid of her and I believe he will.  I'm so excited that Jordan appears to have at least wrapped up the 2nd place prize of $50,000 and Jeff will surely win the fan favorite cash too!  And don't you think that if Jordan pulls out a win against Kevin that she may just get enough jury votes to win.  She rode Jeff's coat tails until she could no longer...then win when she had to (if she can).  I'd vote for her.  And what if she does win and decided to take Natalie with her to the would seem like a bad move but the jury house has turned against Natalie because of the age lie.  But if Jordan can pull out a victory she probably would take Kevin with her...but she still could win...I doubt it but it's possible.

But either way Natalie appears to be bounced from the house which is great.  I wish I could give you the spoiler info on who wins...but of course it will be live so I have no info on that.  Kevin is clearly the favorite as he's won several competitions and Jordan tends to get very nervous.  One piece of behind the scenes info I can pass along is that Natalie and Kevin have changed their tune about Jordan...they used to count her out...not even consider her as a factor.  Now they say this last competition is 50/50.  It could go either way.  They both annoy me.  Another background tid bit of info...Natalie has told Kevin that if he gets rid of her she will not give him a jury vote.  DUH!!!  I think Kevin would kind of expect that!

Here's another thought...will Kevin possibly throw the final competition figuring he has an easy win against Jordan and thinking she'll eliminate Natalie anyway?  It could be a strategy Kevin may employ especially if he has assurances from Jordan that she'll boot Natalie.  And he may not even 'work the deal" but instead feel her out...get a feeling of where her head is at on the whole thing.  If she indicates she would bounce Natalie it could be a great way for him to get to the final two but not have the blood on his hands from having to go against his word with Natalie

Now here's a question for you...will producers allow Chima to be on the final show?  Or will she even want to be there?  I'll bet producers are torn because they can't stand her...she was a nightmare to their staff, but they also know that all of the drama she creates is GOLDEN in ratings.  Even with that said...I think she will not appear in the finale.  What do you think?

Dave Johnson
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