Big Brother 11 SPOILER Info: Who Wins Veto Power? Jeff, Natalie, Jordan or Michele?

By: Dave Johnson
By: Dave Johnson

Wrong!  That's how things have been going lately in the Big Brother house.  Jeff and Jordan made the horrible mistake of trusting Kevin and Natalie and they are now paying for it.  Kevin is of course the Head of Household and he has put up on the block Michele and Jeff.

The sick part is that when Jeff tells Natalie that Kevin is going to put him on the block.  Natalie plays it up and goes for the Oscar and acts SHOCKED!  Kevin told Jeff ahead of time he was going to put him up...and of course Natalie knew ahead of that...but acts like she's shocked and amazed!  I don't like that girl.  Smug for such a young girl...but that's just my opinion.

So the all important Power of Veto competition will maybe save one of the two...but not so fast.  The Morph-O-Matic competition isn't exactly designed for Jordan to took brains and Michele has them.  She wins the Power of Veto at will take herself off the block.  So things CLEARLY are getting worse and worse for Jeff and Jordan as they will now be on the block TOGETHER. 

And the pity party is in full swing!  While I like both of them...Jeff and Jordan are just beside themselves and can't believe the position they are in.  But they were dumb enough to believe the evil-doing's of Natalie and Kevin.  Now they are paying.  This game has gotten so bad to watch for me because I was rooting for Jeff or Jordan to win it all.  Now that looks like a very distant chance at best.

Dave Johnson

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