The POV changes everything! BB Ep 6

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug


Ronnie the HOH put Laura and Jeff on the block at the nomination ceremony on Sunday. Ronnie has been playing this game 100% and everyone in the house knows it. The plan aired was for one of the current nominees to be relieved and then to backdoor Russell.
Russell lost his cool when he wanted to take a couple hour break from the game! He decided to take an evening off and have a few drinks... Little did he realize that he may have cost himself the game… His paranoia got the best of him when he wanted to take the night off but many of the other houseguests were still playing the game. He snapped at Lydia all the way from the other room when she commented about what he said “there’s no need to dedicate every second to strategy.”
Chima and Casey finally got their reward from the last episode’s luxury challenge to watch “The Ugly Truth.” They both agreed that they were grateful for a break from the game.
 Now down to business, The Power of Veto! The competitors are, Ronnie, Jeff, Laura, Russell, Natalie, and Casey, and the host is Lydia. This challenge is called “The Big Brother Mint” and is focused on filling a bucket with the correct amount of coin currency. The player furthest from the dollar amount will be eliminated.   Fighting to the end, Jeff pulled through winning the Power of Veto.
Ronnie knowing that Jeff will use the veto on himself has to make the decision of who to put on the block. The scenario that so many people thought would happen didn’t become a reality. Ronnie had told one side that he would put up Russell but the episode never did say who the other choice was until it came down to the time for the new nomination.  It turned out that Ronnie put Jordan on the block as a pawn to try and make sure that Laura would for sure go home.
I was truly shocked at the decision that was made by Ronnie. CBS did a great job producing that show for a shock at the end. My belief is that Laura will be sent home because I think Jordan is liked by more people in the house. In addition, Ronnie feels threatened by Laura so he is going to do everything in his power to get her out of the house.
Which of the two nominees is going home – Laura or Jordan?
Who will be the new Head of Household?
Find out on Thursday, July 23 at 7pm on BIG BROTHER on CBS/WIBW-TV!
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