Ronnie – “Mastermind or Dork?” – BB Ep. 5

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

After the LIVE eviction sending Braden packing, many of the houseguests minds were wondering who changed their vote to evict Braden.  Of course it was Ronnie, who quickly started pointing his finger at Michelle.  Before the end of the show on Sunday Ronnie also won Head of Household to secure his stay in the house for another week!

Laura figured out that it was Ronnie who switched his vote in conversation with Jordan and Jeff.  Ronnie is playing both sides of the house and but seems to be loyal to The Athletes.  The Popular clique along with Michele and Casey tried to call Ronnie out on his vote but only caused them to be an even bigger target.  Even Russell admitted that he first thought Ronnie was a dork, but now thinks that he’s “The mastermind in the house.”

For the first luxury competition of the season, two House Guests will get to see The Ugly Truth and the competition was hosted by last season’s winner Dan!  Each sex competed separately guessing “The Ugly Truth” about the other sex House Guests.  The winners were Chima and Casey!  They also got to choose which clique would be a Have-Not for the week and after some arguing chose The Populars.  (Casey wanted The Athletes)

Ronnie with the power of putting two people on the block has a decision to make.  Laura and Jeff try to persuade him not to put up any of The Popular clique or Casey or one of them would for sure be going home.  Of course Ronnie then ran and told Jessie and Natalie that the other group wants him to backdoor Russell.  (Which is really all Ronnie’s idea)  When it came down to the nominations ceremony Ronnie put Jeff and Laura up on the block!

Laura thinks she has Ronnie figured out…  Ronnie revealed that Jeff is a total pawn. If all goes well, the Veto will get used this week and Russell will be the replacement nominee.

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I think that Ronnie is overplaying the game.  I relate him back to Brian of last season.  I believe that he has got The Populars/Casey/Laura mad at him and The Athletes and Offbeats are using him.  I personally want to see the plan of backdooring Russell to work.  I want to see The Athletes loose some power. 
Can Ronnie manipulate the game to get his way?
Will Russell find himself up on the block?
Is Ronnie the Mastermind or Dork?

Find out Tuesday, July 21 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!


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