Braden gets the boot and Ronnie gets the power! BB Ep. 4

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

At the veto ceremony Lydia was taken off the block and Jessie replaced her with Braden.  With Braden on the block, the fellow clique mates Jordan and Laura get worried that without their leader they will become a “hot mess.”  Braden believes that Lydia threw him under the bus which was unnecessary because she had the votes to stay in the house.

Russell seems to be ruling the house because he goaded Braden to the point of being furious with Lydia.  Out in the yard Braden lashed out at Lydia and Kevin after he heard his derogatory words, which I believed sealed his fait of being evicted.  Jeff tried to join the conversation telling Braden he need to calm down but it fell on deaf ears.

With every season there seems to be evictions that have a swing vote.  For the first Big Brother eviction, Casey is the believed swing vote.  Jordan wants Braden to stay and begins to formulate a plan with Laura to pull it off.  She thinks she has 5 of the votes to at least tie the votes but needs Casey to join their side…

When it was time for the votes as always the two on the block have a chance to plead their case.  Braden the first to stand thanks everyone for the chance to get to know them.  Next Chima stood and gave the most memorable speech ever in Big Brother history!  She tares into Braden’s mistakes and actions over the last week.  She says “it amazes me how short some memories are.”

Votes for Braden – Russell, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, and Ronnie (Tie breaker: Jessie)

Votes for Chima – Jordan, Laura, Jeff, Michelle, and Casey

Ronnie is really playing the game.  He apparently got Michelle to vote for Chima and he switched his vote to Braden last minute stating, “I’m going to hell.”  Jessie then of course voted to evict Braden without hesitation.

For the HOH competition the House Guests compete as their clique’s answers questions from a fan poll.  After each question was answered correctly the House Guest got to eliminate a fellow house guest.  The last two standing were Michelle and Ronnie.  Ronnie guessed correctly and became the new Head of Household!

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I am not surprised that Braden got evicted this week because of his blow up in the yard.  He had it coming to him.  However, I believe the speech that Chima before casting votes was uncalled for.  That is not the way to treat anyone even if you are mad at the way they have played the game.  The key word is it is a game!  I wanted to see Michelle win HOH!  I do not like how Ronnie is playing the game.  He has been a snake and stabbing way to many people in the back.  I think after he is HOH this week he is going to have a HUGE target on his back.  My guess is he will target The Athletes and not blink getting rid of one of them.

Do you like how Ronnie is playing the game?
Was Chima’s speech uncalled for?
Who will Ronnie nominate for eviction?
CBS said that a former Big Brother winner is returning, Sunday!  Who will it be?


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