Jessie – “Kissing Your Best Friends Girlfriend!” BB Ep. 2

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug


Even if the fellow House Guests don’t like Jessie they are currently at his mercy. When Jessie entered the HOH room he compared this experience with “kissing your best friends girlfriend” because it is exciting but “the repercussions after might not be in your face because everybody hates you.” With the power in his hands the scheming begins. 
Jessie tried to ask Jeff about whom he should nominate but Jeff decided to leave this week rest on Jessie’s shoulders without getting involved quite yet. (Even though he does give his input later in the show) Ronnie talked with Jessie in his HOH room by making a deal with Jessie to work together this season and Russell was also thinking along the same lines by saying if Jessie will align with him this season “there is no one who can stop us. No way.”  
This year the House Guests found out that they wouldn’t be playing just food challenges but for the “Haves” or the “Have Nots.” These would be harsh living conditions including a horribly chrome bedroom with little comfort, only cold showers, and of course slop. The competition consisted of linking a neon collored “Have” together to run neon liquid through to turn a wheel. The first team done was the “Offbeats,” second “The Populars,” then last and the “Have Nots” were “The Brains.”
Princess Chima was appalled at the new arrangements for “The Brains.”  
Jessie having to make up his mind on who to put on the block decides that Chima is going to go up as a pawn but the real target is Lydia.  Chima isn’t a big fan of being a pawn but thinks it may gain the trust of her House Guests that she wants to align with. 
I think that this season is going to be very difficult for the “Have Nots.” The living arrangements for the “Have Nots” is not what the House Guests ever expected but they should know to expect the unexpected! My thought is that Chima is going to be voted off this week even though she is a pawn. She isn’t taking the “Have Not” status with a smile to say the least. The Athletes are going to run the show this season, I believe. They have the strength and from the looks of things, some smarts as well. They are just very competitive which is needed in this game.  My favorite House Guest has to be Jordan, she is from a small town and seems to have good values.
Will Chima or Lydia be the first one evicted from Big Brother 11?
What do you think of the “Have” or “Have Not” status?
Who is your favorite House Guest and why?
And the fun question… Have you ever kissed your best friends girl/boy friend?
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