Big Brother Spoilers - Saboteur!, Nominations, HOH WINNER! - Week 5

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Who is the new HOH in the Big Brother house? What is the plan for nominations? Did Ragan accept the new job as Saboteur?, Were nominatins as expected?

- Posted By: Brian Haug - 
Nominations have happend and of course Brendon and Rachel are on the block as expected.  Matt did open Pandora's Box which released the option of saboteur to Ragan which he accepted.  At about 9:00pm on Saturday the TV came on in the living room to inform the house guests and at this point Ragan is doing a good job of hiding himself. 

Earlier in the day Rachel is still be so mean to Brendon.  She got in a fight with Ragan again about him being more upset that Kristen left over her still being in the house.  She even is complaining to Brendon that she needs more Botox.  All I have to say is I want Rachel to stay in the house becuase she makes it interesting but she has quite the attitude!

Now that Rachel is no longer the Big Brother 12 HOH the house guests had to compete for the new most powerful Head Of Household EVER!  The Big Brother house guests had to stand on yet another edge, this time a spinning paint bucket and get slapped by a paint brush blowing substance on them!  You knew that someone with small feet and a small body was going to win this again...  After about an hour duration on the spinning paint bucket, the competition was over!  The drop order was: Kathy, Ragan, Britney, Brendon, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo...  Thus making Matt the new HOH for the second week this season for staying on the longest!  This means that Kathy is the ONLY house guest on slop this week!

I don't know but this doesn’t look good for Brendon and Rachel...  Brendon knew this as well because once the challenge was over he appologized to Rachel 100 times for not winning.  (She told him before the challenge HE BETTER WIN - Bendon is so wrapped around Rachels finger)  Matt is going to be under so much pressure from "the brigade" because of the backdoor plan during his first reign as HOH not working out, he will almost be forced to put up Brendon and Rachel together on the block!  I don't know about you but I want a "brigade" member OUT!  Since Matt is HOH though it won't be happening this week!  Matt would be my first target with Enzo coming in second!  Matt has said that his plan is to go ahead and put up Brendon and Rachel witht he plan of evicting Rachel.  If one of them wins POV, Kathy will go up on the block, and the other remaining person (Brendon or Rachel) will be evicted.

What do you think?  Will Matt put up Brendon and Rachel together during nominations?  Will Matt open Pandora's Box?  Will Ragan accept being the new Saboteur?

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