Things Men Will Never Understand

by Amanda Lanum This morning was Stephanie Ramos-Tomeoni's last day to fill in for Dave Johnson (assuming he comes back from vacation). So we (the girls) took advantage of our time as the dominant force at the news desk, and shared a few things from Cosmo magazine's list of things men will never understand about women. As promised, here is the list for you to enjoy. COSMO'S THINGS MEN WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND ABOUT WOMEN - She thinks it's fair that he sleeps alone because he didn't notice she'd gotten a haircut. - She want's to kiss and schmooze and then not have sex. - She orders a huge salad with low-fat dressing, then eats steak and french fries from his plate. - Why she cares whether or not laundry is folded. - Why she wants to know everything about his ex-girlfriends but not wanting to meet them. - Going from crazy-screaming mad to weepy to icy calm in the space of 60 seconds. - She can watch one channel and just stay there, even through the commercials. - The concept of nighttime outfits and daytime outfits. - The fact that she can't wash her face and body with the same kind of soap. - If she's having a fight on the phone and hangs up on him, he's the jerk if he doesn't call right back. - She feels fat when she's gained 2 pounds. - It isn't enough just to ask what she wants for her birthday. - The idea of buying a raincoat that can't get wet, a winter coat that isn't warm, shoes that aren't comfortable and panty hose that run. - Doing a full makeup job when she's only going out for a loaf of bread. - She can't wear the same dress to her office Christmas party two years in a row. - How she can not be in the mood for sex.
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