by Amanda Lanum 

I decided to issue a challenge (which I'll participate in myself) to all of you Bootcamp followers for the week of January 10th. I decided on it because this time of year I usually have a heightened urge to eat a lot of holiday goodies, even when I'm not hungry. Eat isn't even the right word... it's more like devour. And that made me think, "What's the point?" Is it really worth the calories in a brownie for that 5 seconds of taste bud enjoyment? How easy it is to eat some of these things without even thinking about why I'm eating it or if my body even wants it.

So, here's the challenge: before you put ANYTHING into your mouth this week, take a moment to consider why it is you're eating it. Is it for nourishment? Are you truly hungry? Will you regret it as soon as you're done swallowing?

No matter your answer, I also challenge you to savor your food. Take the time to pay attention to what you're putting into your body. And if you are enjoying the food more for the benefit of your taste buds than for fuel, limit yourself and enjoy every morsel, rather than scarfing it down in less than a minute. If you're going to indulge, you might as well enjoy it, right? Let me know if you plan to participate and how it works for you!

*Take the challenge a step further by writing down what you eat in a food journal. This will definitely make you think twice before eating it because you'll have to decide whether it's something you really want documented. Look back at the journal at the end of the day to get an idea of your eating patterns and where you can cut calories and/or make healthier choices.

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