Use The Internet to Help Your Health

by Amanda Lanum 

During our Morning Show Boot Camp, we often talk about the struggle it is to eat well and make time for exercise. It helps so much to have some sort of plan and a support system to help you stay on track and be accountable for what you are (or aren't!) doing. If you're not sure where to turn to stay on course to a healthy lifestyle, try the most vast information portal we have -- the internet.

Here are some online tools that I find useful:

The Daily Plate -  This is a great site linked to Lance Armstrong's Live Strong web page. Here, you can keep track of your diet and exercise. Sometimes I'll pull the website up at work to remind myself to keep track of how many calories I've eaten and how many I've burned. It has a huge food library and an exercise index full of common things that already have nutritional information or calories burned in an hour doing a certain exercise/activity. All you do is input what you eat/drink/do a day and it tells you if you're on track to lose x# of pounds a week (whatever you set it to). Check it out!

Twitter -  If you haven't signed up for Twitter because you don't see a use for it, it's a great way to find motivation to live healthy and workout. I'm a big fan of the Biggest Loser, so I'm following a few contestants from the show who tweet about getting ready to work out or who are also struggling with temptations. It helps to make that connection with someone on the same journey as you. Also, trainers Bob and Jillian from the show tweet. Bob often issues physical challenges. For example, Monday he tweeted "Monday's Challenge, 1 minute of alternating lunges for a total of 8 minutes. You have all day to do them. Lunges are a great calorie burner." And today he tweeted, "Wed Challenge is to get 40 grams of FIBER today like nuts, beans, fruits, veggies & whole grains. Helps heart, weight loss & cancer." He never asks anything that isn't doable, and it helps to know he's got more than 28,000 followers, so you know other people are taking on the challenge with you! Jillian often has excerpts from a book she's written. Both have blogs.

Hungry Girl - http://www.hungry-girl.comHungry Girl offers a lot of tools! One thing that I like about Hungry Girl are all the recipes they offer that are made with healthy alternatives. And they experiment and cook them in the Hungry Girl kitchen before they give you the recipe, so you know it's got to be at least somewhat tasty! You can also follow them on Twitter and sign up for e-mails with great recipes and healthy snack options.

Morning Show Boot Camp! -  Had to throw our newest morning show endeavor in here! We're keeping track of our progress and we want to hear about your struggles, tips and successes, too! And we're hoping that by visiting our site, watching our videos and reading our blogs, you'll be motivated to make some healthy changes. You can always ask our trainer, Chris, questions you may have about health and fitness, too.

Don't just sit back and moan about the boring diet or lack of motivation for a healthy routine, get interactive and check out all of the new and great ways to incorporate healthy living into your lifestyle!

What tools do you use to stay on track?

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