Science Proves What You Always Suspected - Women Are Superior


It's Women's Equality Day! And that's not the only reason we say women are superior... Science shows we've got the upper hand with better memories and more robust immune systems. Check out some of these little known facts about the woman's body. And be proud to be a woman... or to at least have come from one! :)

Brain - Certain parts of the female brain linked to language have more nerve cells than a man's, giving women an advantage in reading and speech.

Ears - A woman's hearing is more sensitive and she uses both ears when listening to a conversation, while guys tend to use only one. Also, men start losing their hearing earlier at age 32 compared to 38 in women.

Eyes - Color blindness is less of a problem for women because the most common form of the disorder is hereditary and carried only in men.

Nose - With flatter, smaller noses, women can discern the mere wisp of a smell.

Mouth - Foods pack more of a wallop for women because female saliva enlivens the taste of sweet or spicy foods.

Heart - Women's hearts beat faster than men's, 90 times per minute compared to 80 while awake, and 66 to 56 during sleep.

Armpits - Perfume isn't the only reason women smell better. They perspire less because they have fewer sweat glands.

Hands - Men are more likely to be left-handed, and that makes their lives more difficult since most tools and appliances are built for right-handers. Lefties also live shorter lives, according to studies.

Liver - Women process medication differently, often enhancing the effect. But they're slower to break down alcohol and so they get tipsy quicker.

Joints - The hormone estrogen heightens the elasticity of women's tissue and joints.

Lungs - Women don't get the hiccups as often as men, and they breathe slower at nine breaths a minute to a man's 12.

Hormones - Estrogen boosts the good cholesterol and lowers the bad kind. It also prevents fatty build-up in the arteries and shields a woman's bones, heart and brain.

Stomach - The female digestive tract works slower, giving the body more time to absorb the nutrients from food.

Immune System - The hardier immune system of the female battles viruses, bacteria and parasites more successfully.

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