Condoning a Killer?

The news of Dr. George Tiller's death has been both shocking and disappointing.

When I heard the news Sunday morning, I told my sister and a friend what had happened. The friend responded, "It's about time," and "I'm not surprised someone finally did it." My sister's reaction was the exact opposite. She was outraged that someone would kill another person based on their occupation and beliefs, and even more upset that people would find that okay.

Reading some of the comments posted on this web story I wonder, has society become too non-chalant about taking matters into their own hands? Is it really justified that because Dr. Tiller performed late-term abortions he should be killed by someone who thinks abortion is wrong? And if you think it is justified, would you also say that people who, for example, do not believe in gay marriage should assassinate the lawmakers in New Hampshire or Vermont who voted to legalize the union?

We so often praise the fact that we live in a free country and that in America we have the right to vocalize our opinions openly. The man who murdered Dr. Tiller had the right to protest abortion all he wanted. He did not have the right to murder someone based on their differing views.

I'm curious what your first reaction was to the news that someone gunned down Dr. Tiller while he was in his place of worship. Is this a setback for the pro-life movement and/or does it make a stronger case for the pro-choice?

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