Kansas State Pre-Fiesta Bowl Press Conference Quotes

By: K-State Sports Information (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)
By: K-State Sports Information (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)

Kansas State Pre-Fiesta Bowl Press Conference
Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Bill Snyder

On the bowl preparation to this point …
“We have not had enough practices. I have observed that for the most part, they have been into the practices. As I shared with them, it is not easy with bowl preparation because you have a long time so at the outset you really do not have to get into it as much and you really get serious about it at a particular point in time. But I do not think that they have approached it that way. I did not think last night’s practice was what I had hoped it would be but I think up to that point in time, they have been pretty diligent about their work.”

On the team’s bowl preparation schedule…
“As far as practices and meetings are concerned, we will have meetings here shortly and we will practice this afternoon. We will practice tomorrow, Thursday and Friday afternoon and then again on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon, they will go home for Christmas and then they will come back two days before we leave. We will have meetings and probably a walk-through the evening that they get back and then we will practice the next morning. We will meet on the morning of the 28th before heading to the airport to fly to Phoenix. We will go from the airport to the practice site and practice. Then we will practice each day thereafter until the day before the ballgame. In all likelihood, we will not practice the day before the game, but that is always open-ended.”

On the focus of the team’s practices to this point …
“We have invested our time in a great deal of fundamental work, just to try to enhance the capabilities of each of the players, regardless of what their classification is. We like to put some focus on the underclassmen as well; we will have some scrimmage time for the younger players coming up before the week is out. Also, we teach them the Oregon preparation and we have done that.”

On comparing K-State’s offense with spread offenses around the country …
“I cannot answer that on a broad-scale basis, in regards to the national scope because I do not really pay attention to it that much. I am more invested in what we do and who we happened to be playing and what they do. Based on the opponents in our conference and making some sort of comparison in what we have seen and what Oregon does, I think there are some similarities with some of the teams in our conference in terms of offense. You are alluding to offense, as everyone else is, but you do not what to have oversight. For us, it is special teams, defense and having equal thirds of the partnership because those also have a major role in the outcome of the ballgame. Because Oregon is so prolific offensively, that it is easy to have oversight in regards to their defense, which has been very, very productive for them. I think people that surround that program really understand that is the case and we understand that too.”

On facing Oregon’s fast-paced offense …
“There are a number of teams that can move around like they do. When I say like they do, I mean how they reduce it to the tempo of the game, how fast they lineup and go. Oregon can go as fast as they want to go. They have a variety of different tempos that they move at and certain situations are faster than other situations. That is very well thought out and well conceived on their part. They can go faster than anybody when they choose to do so and a good portion of the time, they do that. As far as the style of offense is concerned, people would get the perception that they kind of run-and-gun, when they really run-and-run and they have balance in their system, which I have always felt was extremely important. The numbers would indicate that. They run it for more yards than they throw it, but their throwing yardage is very substantial as well. They have a lot of things that you have to have great concern about.”

On facing challenges during bowl preparation…
“The biggest challenge is whether or not you can get whole-heartedly invested into the preparation when you know you still have 15 practices left until the actual event, itself. Where in the season, you start practicing on Monday and you have four practices, maybe five at best, so there is a sense of urgency at that time. Now, it is creating that same sense of urgency, not totally in their preparation for Oregon, but that sense of urgency for them to do what you would have liked for them to have done all season, which is to address each individual practice, meeting, etc., as an opportunity to get better and to truly improve yourself during that period of time. That kind of goes with the territory through the course of the season and now it is important to carry that same attitude day in and day out, and that is probably something to be a concern or something that you have to address on a regular basis.”

On the Oregon football program…
“I think it goes without saying that Chip Kelly has done as well as anyone could imagine. That has been a growing program. He was there when Mike (Bellotti) was there and Mike really did a wonderful job and Chip just stepped in and took it to another level. They have been very consistent about what they have done and how they have gone about doing it. I think they have really done a nice job. I am not as familiar with the program as much as some of the west coast people, but I think they have done a nice job of being able to put together all of the pieces. The University of Oregon is not just about a fast-paced offense, it is about more than that and I think they have invested heavily in all facets on the field and off the field. I think they have approached every aspect of it with great degree of thought and insight on how to develop the program and make it continually better and they have been successful at it.”

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