City to Start Booting Habitual Parking Violators Cars

By: From 13 News/ City of Topeka
By: From 13 News/ City of Topeka

TOPEKA CITY HALL -- Starting Tuesday, September 6th, the City of Topeka will begin placing immobilization devices (boots) on vehicles of owners who have three or more outstanding parking tickets.

The City sent warning notices to habitual violators over the past month. Violators can forgo having the boot placed on their vehicle by paying outstanding charges in full or by making payment arrangements. Payments should be made to the City’s collection agency that is designated on the warning notice letter. For those with recent violations that are not in collections, payments can be made by contacting the City of Topeka’s Express Payment Center at (785) 368-3916. If a violator defaults on their payment arrangement, they are once again subject to having the boot placed on their vehicle.

To have a boot removed violators must pay the total amount of fines due plus a $35 processing fee. Payments can be made in cash, by credit card or by bank check. No personal checks will be accepted. An information sheet warning violators that their vehicle has been booted will be attached to the driver’s side window. The approximate amount due will be included on the information sheet.

The owner of a booted car has 48 hours to pay the fines and fees before the car is towed and impounded.

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