Smart Tips for Your Holiday, Summer Trips

By: From AAA
By: From AAA

Consumer ratings service Angie’s List has 4 quick tips to increase your gas mileage on your holiday road trip.

Monitor tire inflation and mileage: Regularly monitor your tire’s air pressure. It’s like pedaling your bike with a flat tire –you have to work harder and so does your car. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure can increase your gas mileage up to three percent. Look on the driver’s side door jamb or in your owner’s manual for your vehicles recommended tire pressure.

Save the limbo for the beach: Don’t get below one-eighth of a tank of gas. Your fuel pump is located there and the bottom of the gas tank collects sediment from gasoline. When you run your car on low fuel, the pump can pick up the sediment and become damaged from it, which results in low fuel-efficiency.

Slow down: Speeding and rapid acceleration/deceleration can decrease your gas mileage – it’s bad for your transmission too. Avoid driving while you’re on the phone, not only is it unsafe, but it takes your attention away from how you are accelerating and decelerating.
Sleep all day, drive all night:

Consider driving to your destination during non-peak hours. Nearly half the energy needed to power your vehicle goes in acceleration. Unnecessary braking wastes that energy.

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