Millions of Pets Lost After 4th of July Celebrations

Those fireworks made for a busy day at Helping Hands Humane Shelter. The noisy night sent frightened pets running. 13's Lindsay Shively is live at the shelter.

This shelter has at least fifty more dogs than usual. Nationwide, shelters expect close to ten million pets to turn up missing.

"We don't know how he got out, really we still don't know." It's a happy ending for Blazer and owner Jaime Hertling. She came home from watching fireworks to an empty yard and open gate.

"We figured he got spooked by the fireworks and we went looking but we figured there wasn't much else we could do. We called the Humane Society and said if he was found he was ours."

July fifth is the busiest day of the year at this shelter. Fourth of July fireworks and thunderstorms spooked more pets than usual this year. "They think if they can get away from where they are, they can get away from the sounds...and they'll keep running, so they can be found miles from the home."

Stubbs says almost all the pets that come to the shelter have no identification, but pets that do, make it home faster and more often.

"Collars and tags are great but they can fall off, so micro-chipping may be the best solution. I know it looks like a big needle, but Helping Hands says most dogs don't even flinch and it's permanent."

ID or not -- if your pet is lost -- be sure to visit the shelter in person to look. You might leave with a happy reunion like Jaimie's. "Scared to death he'd been hit by a car or something. it was lucky."

If you lose or find a dog, you can report it and the shelter will keep a look-out. To report a lost or found pet, call your local shelter. In Topeka, you can call 785-233-7325.

you can get microchips here when adopting a pet for about thirty bucks, but they suggest for pets you already own, ask your veterinarian.

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